Tenerife Disaster- world’s worst aviation crash.

On March 27 1977, aviation witnessed its darkest day, when two jumbo-jets, i.e. Boeing 747s came together. It is said that about 583 people lost their lives. So today, let’s look into this incident and instead of learning who was at fault, we’ll learn the outcomes of the crash. Tenerife is a small island and … More Tenerife Disaster- world’s worst aviation crash.

Let’s fly CONCORDE

In this series we will have a look at aviation’s most iconic aircraft, we will see its highs and lows, its legacy and how it was like flying that aircraft. Today we will look at Concorde. Concorde was a supersonic aircraft, built by French aerospace company AĆ©rospatiale or SUD Aviation (at that time), and British … More Let’s fly CONCORDE

Airplane Spotting- 3

Previously I made a blog on how to identify a long haul aircraft which you may encounter if you are travelling international from India to Europe, North America, South Asia, or Australia. Today we will be talking in more detail about some long haul aircrafts. We will not be looking for some single aisle long … More Airplane Spotting- 3